draw and write

for doctors and pharmacists

Pharmatoken.ru Is An Agency, Focused On Creating High Quality Professional Material For Pharmacy, Doctors And Patients.
Visual and professional content for doctors and pharmacists
To create a brand identity and content design that reflects the professionalism, expertise, and innovation of a small pharma ad agency, and communicates its value proposition to potential clients.
Role: Art Director
  • Work closely with the agency owner and the copywriter to define the agency's positioning, personality, and visual language, and to identify its unique selling points.
  • Develop a mood board, color palette, typography, and graphic elements that capture the essence of the brand and resonate with the pharma industry.
  • Create a logo and a brand identity system that conveys the agency's name, mission, and values, and that can be used across various media, such as business cards, stationery, and digital platforms.
  • Design a website that showcases the agency's services, portfolio, and expertise, and that is user-friendly, accessible, and responsive.
  • Create content designs for various advertising formats, such as print ads, social media posts, and email newsletters, that follow the brand guidelines and that communicate the agency's knowledge and creativity in the pharma industry.
  • Supervise the production process, liaising with the printer, and content manager as needed, and ensuring that the final products meet the quality standards and deadlines.
Patient Brochure
Pitch deck for a pharmaceutical company
Character development
Brochure for pharmacists
Social Media Post
Liflet for pharmacists
Memo for pharmacists
Calendar for doctors
Character development
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Character development
  • Created a brand identity that reflects the agency's professionalism, expertise, and innovation, with a clean, modern, and confident look.
  • Designed a website that highlights the agency's services, team, and work, and that attracts and engages potential clients.
  • Produced a set of content designs that communicate the agency's knowledge, creativity, and relevance in the pharma industry, with a mix of visual and textual elements that inform, inspire, and persuade.
  • Received positive feedback from the agency owner and its clients, who praised the design's clarity, effectiveness, and relevance.
  • Contributed to the growth and reputation of the pharma ad agency, which gained new clients, expanded its services, and earned awards and recognition in the industry.
Skills demonstrated
  • Strategic thinking: the ability to understand the client's needs, goals, and challenges, and to develop a brand identity and content design that address them effectively.
  • Design skills: the mastery of design software, techniques, and principles, and the ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that convey complex information.
  • Communication skills: the capacity to articulate and present design concepts to different audiences, including clients, colleagues, and stakeholders, and to collaborate effectively with a copywriter.
  • Leadership skills: the capacity to coordinate and motivate a team of creative professionals and ensure the quality and coherence of the final product.
  • Digital skills: the ability to design for various digital platforms and devices, and to work with content managers to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.